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IDES is the only firm I know of with a focus on Title 32 and a deep bench to execute correctly every time. They are a true partner.

IDES is the premier Special District consulting firm in Colorado and Utah offering program and construction management services. As a District Engineer, IDES is an expert in applying local statutes to special districts’ day to day business. Unlike other consulting firms that are small and lacking a deep bench of resources, or larger firms that simply offer Special District consulting as a part of a larger practice, IDES was built on focusing on Special Districts and building the right team to deliver. IDES has the horsepower to help your District as well as the expertise and knowledge to address a variety of needs. 


At IDES, we are passionate about building communities using Special District services. IDES works with stakeholders to help bring your vision to life and protect the public’s investment along the way. As a trusted advisor to over 215 Districts and over 20 years of District experience as a company, IDES understands the big picture as well as the details that are required for Districts to succeed.


IDES’ solutions are designed to be legally sound and focused on adhering to all local statutes. Through in-house processes and expertise, IDES can help save money for both the Developers and the future users. This in turn lowers project risk and offers confidence in project timing. Ultimately, this puts more money towards community amenities that benefit the District and its users.


Serving as an advisor to the District, IDES can help ensure confidence in cash-flow projections, assist in budget preparation, and help the construction process be timely and efficient. IDES can assist in the conveyance of assets to the District or local jurisdiction and work in close collaboration with every client and stakeholder throughout the process. Our goal is an experience that will be enjoyable for all stakeholders and a landmark project for the community.

IDES has been a great firm to work with as they keep our homeowners interests at the forefront of conversation. They care about the community projects they work on.
“IDES  has been a great firm to work with as they keep our homeowners interests at the forefront of conversations. They care about the community projects they work on.”

Ides Works As Your Partner

to help you meet your goals in the following ways:

  • With an ethical, pragmatic and value-add attitude
  • With a detail-oriented and long-term vision perspective
  • With constant curiosity
  • With an expanded knowledge of the development process
  • With a flexible and innovative partnering approach
  • With an extensive list of contacts in the engineering and construction field