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The Go-To Special District Consulting Firm

We Exist To Build a Great Company with Great People and Great Projects

Playing a major role in developing communities.

We partner with Title 32 special districts to protect public investments and help bring communities to life.

Lowering risk and cost through expertise.

Through our in-house processes and expertise, we can keep mill-levy’s down, saving money for both the taxpayers and the Metro District.

Superior service and making work fun.

We serve as an advocate and partner with the District to ensure confidence in cash-flow projections, lots can be sold in master-planned communities and building can take place efficiently.

Client-Focused Services

IDES assists districts in identifying and certifying district eligible improvements to maximize the potential of the development.
We offer a variety of services to achieve your needs, including:
Construction Management
Bidding and Award
Contracting Services
Local Authority Coordination
Submittal Review
Program Management
Third-Party Cost Certifications
Infrastructure Acquistions
Cost Estimates
Multi-Party Escrow Management

Years as a company

Metro District Clients




“IDES is the only firm I know of with a focus on Title 32 and a deep bench to execute correctly every time. They are a true partner.”
“IDES has been a great firm to work with as they keep our homeowners interests at the forefront of conversation. They care about the community projects they work on.”
“I would just like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to you for your work this year. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your attention to details and very fast responses to questions and requests are most appreciated! You have been great to work with. Looking forward to working with you again.”